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Our kindergarten program, designed for children aged 3 to 5 years, plays a pivotal role in a child's development, often referred to as the 'foundation year'. At Insight Marathalli, we recognize its significance and provide a nurturing environment to foster cognitive, social, and emotional growth.

  • = Introduction to early literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking
  • = Multi-sensory, experiential learning approach
  • = Emphasis on communication skills
  • = Encouragement of independence and responsibility
  • = Engaging extracurricular activities including swimming, music, and art

Elementary (1-5)

Elementary education at Insight lays the cornerstone of a child's learning journey, fostering vital skills for personal development and future success. The Formative Years, spanning grades 1 to 5, introduce fundamental subjects—mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies—forming a robust academic foundation for advanced learning.

  • = Emphasis on literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving
  • = Innovative Creative Worksheet monitoring
  • = Engaging physical and skill-based activities
  • = Fostering character and core values: honesty, respect, and empathy

Higher Primary (6-8)

Insight's higher primary phase builds upon elementary foundations, preparing students for secondary education. Rigorous academics blend with character development and essential life skills. Through a nurturing environment, Insight empowers lifelong learners and responsible, contributing citizens, shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

  • = Rigorous academic preparation for secondary education
  • = NEP focused learning in Robotics
  • = Personal growth, character development, and life skills
  • = After-school activities focused on sports like Basketball, Football, Cricket & Swimming

High School (9-10)

Insight's high school phase is a transformative period, guiding students from childhood to adulthood. Our rigorous academic program readies them for higher education and professional challenges. This nurturing environment fosters personal and academic growth, promising a bright future.

  • = Rigorous academic curriculum for higher education readiness
  • = Emphasis on character, leadership, and core values
  • = Career exploration and critical life skills
  • = After-school activities including robotics, basketball, football, cricket, and swimming

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