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Founded by visionary educationists, Insight Academy strives to make a profound impact on society. 'Quality Education for All' is not just a motto but the essence of our institution since its inception on August 15, 2007. Guided by the Insight Educational Trust, our devoted members ensure this vision guides every endeavour.

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Quality Education For All


We aim to transform education for nation-building by harnessing the expertise of dedicated educators. Education, to us, is not confined to classrooms; it extends into life itself. Our innovative approach prioritises holistic development, nurturing curiosity and a love for learning that extends beyond school.

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Deliver education that equips students for life, ensuring holistic growth in diverse facets of development.

Learning Approach

Foster positivity, stimulate growth, and boost self-esteem in academics, social, and personal development.

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Build a solid academic foundation in an inclusive, cross-cultural, and diverse environment.
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Since the last 12 years, Insight Academy has shaped our daughter into a multifaceted achiever. She has excelled in sports, academics and also in cultural activities. She has also brought accolades to the school in several inter-school competitions. A large part of the credit of her success goes to the encouragement given by the Principal and staff at Insight Academy.
This school has helped me develop a wide range of skills and is also continuously motivating me to reach perfection in each field, which aids me in all aspects of life, from studying to sports.
- Pramath K. Panyam (Grade 10)
The teachers and the whole environment here encourage you to push beyond your limits and that's why I feel like this is the perfect school for me!
- Abhirav S Kashyap (Grade 10)
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