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Insight Academy

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With a noble idea of providing “Quality Education for All”. Insight Academy was started on 15th August 2007, by a group of visionary educationists with an intention of making a difference in the society.

The vision to provide Quality education for all manifested itself into reality in the premises of Insight Academy.

15 Years of Experience

Learning Environment

The school is situated away from the hustle and bustle, wedged between the peaceful neighbourhood of ISRO Layout and the lush green mango grooves of South Bangalore making it the perfect place to learn amidst serenity and absolute peace.


Our teachers receive training on topics including pedagogical approaches and evidence-based teaching strategies to promote pupil learning.

Our Team

Our team of experts ensure that education here is not limited to the 3 R’s – reading , writing and arithmetic ,but also involves the all round development of a student’s personality and character in terms of body, mind and spirit.

Our Vision

“To provide Quality Education for all”

Our Values

“Acceptance is the core of any relationship and Insight accepts each child into the ‘Insight Family’ as they are, they don’t have to fit into a predesigned frame . Each child is unique and has to be given a nurturing environment to bring out the best version of themselves and walk out with confidence.”

Our Objectives

Insight Academy aims to direct the development of education to realize the immense nation building aptitudes and attitudes by utilizing the potential of aptly trained teachers. We believe education is not just a classroom affair, but it spreads over in myriad directions to provide learning in a child-friendly environment with no stress on confined syllabi or the examination.

The main objectives of Insight Academy are:

Instil a strong academic base in a secular, cross-cultural and a diversified environment.

Provide quality education that prepares the student for life, ensuring his / her holistic development.

Provide students with a positive, stimulating environment that encourages the fulfilment of individual potential & growth of self-esteem in academic, social, and personal areas.

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