Principal's Message

May Ruth D'souza

Insight Academy is a school which does not discriminate between the children, be it on the basis of intelligence, physical condition or other challenges which hinders education. Started on 15th August, 2007, with a vision of providing “Quality Education for All”, Insight academy has been striving very hard to provide not only the basic elementary education to the students as mandated by the Constitution of India, but also mould them into a well-groomed personality and a citizen caring for the welfare of the society. We have ensured this by providing excellent, holistic education through a team of dedicated teachers, who have been the hallmark of this institution.

But we at Insight Academy go beyond the minimum statutory requirement, by providing additional facilities which are a value-add for the career of your child. We also constantly keep pushing our teachers in structuring and planning the activities and curriculum in such a way that the student is expected to be growing constantly day-in and day-out. I am confident that Insight Academy contributes to creating a foundation for a better future by providing students with skills and knowledge they will need to meet the challenges of the future.

The strong partnership between students, parents, and the institution has played a significant role in the promotion of quality education for all.

This website is a sincere attempt within the limited few web pages to provide to you as much information as possible about our institution, our vision, the facilities that we provide as well as the activities that your children would be going through once he joins Insight Academy which would help him / her in becoming strong and in turning into a holistic personality. I hope all your questions / queries / concerns about Insight Academy are addressed through this effort.

We wish you and your child, a very warm welcome to our proud institution, Insight Academy.