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Insight Academy is best play schools in Marathahalli,Bangalore. Insight Academy @ Marathahalli runs classes from kindergarten to standard 10th. It has been offering CBSE syllabus for all its students right from the Kindergarten.
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Kindergarten education at Insight Academy, are carefully researched and conscientiously administered. Every day, we approach kindergarten education with imagination, innovation and most of all, fun.

Activities at Insight Kindergarten stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative play. We aim at providing an atmosphere very similar to the "Garden of Eden" or "Prakritivan" where the creative faculty of a child's mind is developed and nurtured through mental, physical and social activities in a nature-friendly environment. Also our aim of providing creative and quality education is achieved by bringing about a change in the concept of classroom into a home base, wherein 20 – 25 children are nurtured, mentored and supervised by two qualified kindergarten teachers, who pay individual attention to all the children.

Insight Kindergarten believes in the philosophy that good parenting is the key to achieve a perfectly-groomed child. Towards this Insight Kindergarten has devised a modern outlook on teaching, learning and parenting. This is achieved by housing the education process in a flawless environment that suits the needs of the child, who are in the process of beginning their intellectual journey towards formal education. This process believes and encourages the idea that both parents and the school should work together to achieve the desired goal of creating a curious child interested in pursuing his / her intellectual journey into the real world.

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Insight Academy has developed a very unique system of imparting education to its students. From Standards 1st to 4th, the students are groomed in a non-competitive environment without any tests or examinations. The limited number of students per class allows the student to learn in a fun-filled environment. This also allows the teacher to give individual attention to each student to ensure that all the students are growing on equal footing. We also ensure that the student is developing thinking skills as well as listening skills. Insight Academy has also developed a unique feature called "Creative Worksheet", wherein the learning by the student is recorded and portrayed to show the amount and quality of learning he / she has had during the year.

Day Care


All Classrooms at Insight Academy are AV enables equipped with touchscreen interactive boards and projectors to implement “Smart-Classes" in association with India's most valuable education companies. Here the students are provided with special classrooms which are unique and help the students learn easily in a student-friendly environment.

Faculty Members


Teachers at Insight Academy are recruited from all walks of life. Our faculty members truly is one of our biggest strengths, each bringing with them their own positive experiences, knowledge, culture and tradition. Subject teachers are well qualified and highly experienced.

Academic staffs are provided ample opportunities for professional development throughout the year - from in-house training workshops to seminars and sessions organised by education research foundations throughout the state and country. Teachers are given the chance to learn and share from other people's experiences as well as their own.



Integrated School

Insight Academy offers all-round development to all its students by having an intelligent integration of students from mainstream as well as special schools. This is an integrated school with special care for the differently-abled child thereby helping them to be integrated with the mainstream with ease. This is achieved at Insight Academy through specially trained resource faculty members.

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For all the classes, the mode of teaching would be English except in other language classes.