Located amidst the serene and green facility on Vasanthapura Main Road , off Kanakapura road the southern part of Bengaluru, Insight Academy is one of the favourite spots for the children of the school. We at Insight Academy have created a beautiful facility with an aim of providing the child a satisfactory and contemporary learning in the natural environment. Towards this objective, we are providing our students with the following facilities:


All Classrooms at Insight Academy are AV enables equipped with touchscreen interactive boards and projectors to implement “Smart-Classes" in association with India's most valuable education companies. Here the students are provided with special classrooms which are unique and help the students learn easily in a student-friendly environment.


The library at Insight Academy is housed in a spacious location within the school. It provides the students a vast collection of books, magazines, newspapers and journals on varied subjects relevant for the students’ interests. This library also functions as a resource centre for scientific projects and competitions, which all the students are vigorously encouraged to participate.


Insight Academy houses independent laboratories for Biology , Physics and Chemistry. These laboratories are housed in a spacious location and are equipped to cater to all academic needs of the child in testing their curious scientific ideas. It houses all the necessary facilities and equipment’s required in a science lab.

Computer Education

Computer has now become an inseparable part of the modern education. At Insight Academy we have understood that providing computer education is more of a necessary element in integrating the child with the modern society rather than a fad / fashion. Towards this, Insight Academy has created necessary infrastructure which provides individual computer with multimedia facility to every student during his computer lab sessions. The syllabus for the computer education at Insight Academy is designed by well reputed computer education service providers.


Every child aspires to achieve great success from the education at Insight Academy and become a great citizen in the modern competitive society. But there could be times when the stress from the competition, domestic issues or other psychological and psychotic problems may interfere with their aspirations. For such special circumstances, facilities are provided at Insight Academy for personalized and confidential counselling to help such students’ needs.

Remedial Instructions

One of the special features at Insight Academy is providing special treatment and help to the students who are slow at learning or are differently-abled in their academics with remedial coaching either during preparatory sessions or activity period conducted by good and caring teachers and trainers.


Insight Academy provides transportation facilities for the safe and comfortable commutation of children to and from house to school. We have ensured that every bus is managed by well-trained and experienced drivers equipped with cell phone facility. Every Bus is equipped with GPS tracking devices.


Insight Academy provides basic and emergency health care and medical facilities inside the campus, supervised and managed by a well-trained nurse.