About Us

With a noble idea of providing “Quality Education for All”, Insight Academy was started on 15th August 2007, by a group of visionary educationists with an intention of making a difference for the society.

We are located in a beautiful facility amidst the serene atmosphere of the ISRO Layout on the southern part of the city of Bengaluru. The fresh and green environment with its breath-taking view and accessibility makes “Insight Academy” a favourite school of every child. We aim at providing the child a satisfactory and contemporary learning in the natural environment.

But we at Insight Academy go beyond the minimum statutory requirement, by providing additional facilities which are a value-add for the career of your child. We also constantly keep pushing our teachers in structuring and planning the activities and curriculum in such a way that the student is expected to be growing constantly day-in and day-out. I am confident that Insight Academy contributes to creating a foundation for a better future by providing students with skills and knowledge they will need to meet the challenges of the future.

Our intention is not to refrain from providing education to children on the basis of caste, creed, intelligence, physical condition or any other condition which have prevented children from being educated. Our objective is to make education, not just a classroom affair, but to provide other intricacies available in myriad opportunities and activities outside of the classroom.


“To provide Quality Education for all”


“To provide quality education through a team of highly-skilled and professionally trained faculty group, who acknowledge the needs of the children thereby contributing in his academic growth based on his / her strengths and interests”.


Insight Academy aims to direct the development of education to realize the immense nation building aptitudes and attitudes by utilizing the potential of aptly trained teachers to comprehend their responsibilities so that education is not just a classroom affair, but it spreads over in myriad directions to provide learning in a child-friendly environment with no stress on confined syllabi or the examination. The main objectives of Insight Academy are:
  • Instil a strong academic base in a secular, cross-cultural and a diversified environment.
  • Provide quality education that prepares the student for life, ensuring his / her holistic development.
  • Provide students with a positive, stimulating, and caring environment that encourages the fulfilment of individual potential and the growth of self-esteem in academic, social, and personal areas.

Ensure personal attention to each student through facilities like remedial instructions, counselling, etc.

Welcome to Insight Academy, a school with a difference